Shelley (Shaii) White

Shelley (Shaii) White’s personal beliefs are rooted in the concepts of One mind, One heart, One purpose, and One love.  She has worked in the community for over 25 years and has witnessed both the power of the collective and that life is merely identifying those people and places, circumstances, and experiences that fit together to create this unique and beautiful global mosaic.  She believes in the mission of River’s Edge, which is similar to the mission of her personal business, OneMind.  She also believes in the African adage that “it takes a village.”  River’s Edge is comprised of people who see the value in working towards changing outdated thinking and influencing the transformation of outdated systems.

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Simply, I looked at this invitation to serve on the Board of River’s Edge as an opportunity to collaborate with like-minded people who through sharing faith and service, are fully committed to uplifting humanity in ways that both strengthen and empower our (world) community. This is my first year on the board and I will serve as long as the board will have me. I also said yes to the invitation because it is always good to see how God shows up in other people who are doing the same work.
— Shelley (Shaii) White