Welcome To River's Edge

Personal transformation can occur at any point in our lives.  Sometimes, those points of transformation are readily visible to ourselves and those we love.  For me, these obvious points of transformation included graduation from college, my wedding day, and the birth of each of my three daughters.  The positive emotions and growth opportunities surrounding each of these important public events helped me evolve into the person I am today. 

But more often, true personal transformation has occurred when I least expected it, in very private and simple ways.  My transformational journey has included reading books by outspoken and challenging authors, attending reflective spiritual programs, enjoying activities surrounded by nature, and quietly practicing meditation.   Not surprisingly, most of these have occurred as a result of my ten-year journey as part of the River’s Edge community.

I am excited to announce that starting today, River’s Edge will be publishing stories of personal transformation through this blog.  We will cover a wide variety of topics, all aimed at sharing our lives, mission and desire for a more sustainable world through education, wellness and spirituality.  If you have never followed a blog before, think of it as an online journal - written in a very accessible, conversational way. 

At River’s Edge, we strive to share opportunities for each of us to recognize the sacred within ourselves and others.  In addition to our cutting-edge speakers, contemplative practices, retreats, classes and wellness offerings, this new River’s Edge blog will provide yet another opportunity for us to share, learn, grow and together make our world a better place.  As always, we look forward to sharing the journey with you.

With Peace and Love,


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