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Wednesdays, 6:30p.m.-8:30p.m.Evolution and Christogenesis

Fee: $5
Mike Reiling and Judy Cauley, Facilitator


Teilhard de Chardin described the evolutionary process first described by Charles Darwin as a Christogenesis - the ever-evolving movement of the universe into the fullness of Christ.  How is this happening?  How do we understand God in a Christogenic uiverse?  What is our participation and contribution to this Christogenesis?  How does all of this relate to catholicity?  In these sessions, Ilia Delio invites us to explore these questions and more as we seek the meaning of Christian life in a world of evolution and complexity.

Participants will receive a copy of Sr. Ilia’s PowerPoint presentation from the session to take home.

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Session 1 – Evolution and Christogenesis: A New Paradigm – May 31

Session 2 – The Living Universe: A Synthesis of Science and Spirituality – June 7

Session 3 – Christ, the Soul of the Evolving Universe – June 14  

Session 4 – Cosmogenesis as Christogenesis : Birthing the Christ – June 21

Session 5 – Technology and Noogenesis: Convergence of Consciousness – June 28

Session 6 – The Living Church: Christifying Love for a New Humanity – July 5