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Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT is one of the most efficient tools available for personal improvement and the release of unhealthy emotions.  Known as “emotional acupuncture without the needles,” this energy tapping technique removes blockages in the energy meridians of the body, which can create ill health, negative emotions and the inability to move forward in life.  By tapping endpoints of meridians while tuning into your emotion or problem, the energy system begins to balance and the emotional conflicts are neutralized at their source.   Long-held emotions around an event can dissipate in minutes and never come back!

If you find that you just can’t let go of an emotional intensity around a specific event or relationship, if you seem unable to move forward in your life, if you carry the tensions of work home with you or have yet to reach your peak level of performance, then EFT can help you release, relax, forgive and be at your best and bring greater laughter and joy to your day!

EFT will also help you:

·         increase your self-confidence

·         set clear goals

·         discover and let go of limiting beliefs

·         resolve inner conflicts

·         increase your vitality and enthusiasm

·         experience the emotional freedom to relax and enjoy life more!

EFT sessions are offered by The Healing Connection, Peggy Koelliker, a Certified EFT Practitioner and EFT Instructor.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, contact Peggy at 440-930-5785 or  You can visit her website at for a full listing of her services.