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Powers of the Universe

In his DVD series The Powers of the Universe, cosmologist Brian Swimme identifies 10 dynamic powers that have been coursing through us and our Universe since the Big Bang. These dynamics work on various levels from the the scientific to the spiritual. Aligning with these cosmological powers can help us realize our deepest potential and transform our lives.

About the Facilitator...

Maureen Haggerty is a Spiritual Director who has had a lifelong passion for our evolving Universe Story and the exploration of our evolving consciousness. Maureen began studying the

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works of both Einstein and Teilhard de Chardin at an early age and has continued studying the various works of Brian Swimme, Jane Goodall, Joseph Campbell, David Bohm, Carl Jung, Mary Oliver, and others. She is adept at making deep connections between the scientific, the philosophical, the spiritual, and the creative. Her universal perspective and unfolding spirituality are open and inviting. Maureen lives in Westlake with her husband, son, golden retriever, and cat. Email:

Program Outline...

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WEEK 1: The Universe as STORY:
Revelations from our Great Cosmic Story

The Ground of All Being

WEEK 3: The Power of CENTRATION:
The Universe Ever-Focusing Her Attentions Anew

WEEK 4: The Power of ALLUREMENT:
The Deepening Power of Attraction Throughout the Universe

WEEK 5: The Power of EMERGENCE:
The Universe as Ongoing Creativity

The Universe Maintaining Her Achievements

WEEK 7: The Power of CATACLYSM:
The Universe Destroying Her Achievements

WEEK 8: The Power of SYNERGY:
The Universe Moving Toward Ever-Increasing Collaboration and Complexity

Change at the Individual Level Demanded by the Whole Context

Change Worked into the Whole Context by the Individual

The Deepening of Care and Nurturance Throughout the Universe

WEEK 12: The Power of RADIANCE:
The Universe Housing Magnificence

More About the Program...

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

The most important story for any culture to know is its cosmological story - the story of the nature and origins of the Universe. How does the Universe work? What is it all about? How one perceives one’s Universe determines not only how one perceives the grand cosmos, but also determines the fundamental underpinnings of how one perceives one’s relationship to the planet, to the immediate environment, to fellow creatures, to self, and ultimately to the Divine. In order to answer what it means to be human, one needs to discover what it means to be of the Universe.

Throughout humanity, up until our modern day, every culture has known its cosmological story. But today we have allowed the modern knowledge of cosmology to become the private treasure trove of an elite few - the scientists. This has led to a very fragmented, confused, unhealthy, desperate culture and planet. In order to move forward as a species, it is imperative that we learn our new cosmological story. This story is full of surprise, awe, and mystery. In it we find a Universe of great diversity, deep communion, and profound meaning in which the illusory divisions between science and spirituality melt away.

In reverently exploring the story of our Universe illumined by our modern scientific knowledge, we discover the beacon of hope that will heal our planet, our culture, and ourselves. In this program we will not only explore the divine impulse of the Universe coursing through the grand cosmos, but also the divine impulse of the Universe reflected within each one of us.

If you are interested in the deeply spiritual perspective of Jesuit paleontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, the enlightened perspective of cultural historian Thomas Berry, the revelatory scientific perspective of mathematical cosmologist Brian Swimme, or simply curious about the most recent scientific understanding of our Universe, please join us as we embark on this momentous journey

What Others Say About the Program...

“I found this program both thought-provoking and energizing.”
- Susan

“This program far exceeded my expectations. The DVDs, facilitator’s explanations, and group discussions were a true delight!”
- Bill

“This class has been a joy... where interest in the environment and spirituality meet.”
- Julie

“I found not only was I not alone, but there is science that proves it!”
- Donna

“Awesome series...helps bridge the gap between science and religion with a whole new language for expressing the inexpressible! I didn’t want it to be over!”
- Virginia

“I value knowing [the Powers] and integrating them into my life.”
- Marietta

“This program is so educational and beautiful!”
- Sandy

“This series has re-energized me! I find myself connecting the concepts with events, people, and ideas in all parts of my life!
- Cynthia

“Don’t miss this program!”
- Jeff